Explore the power of real experience feedback at scale

Companies of all sizes - from online shops to large enterprise - rely on eTrusted software and APIs to collect, manage and market authentic customer feedback.

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Real customer feedback is the new currency of trust

In this consumer-driven economy, it is no longer just about the brand – it's about customers and their experiences in real-time. Because people want to buy from a brand that ”does the right thing“.

With eTrusted, brands understand and improve customer experiences and build the online reputation they deserve.

Simple and powerful

eTrusted has been designed from the ground up as a standardised yet configurable, scalable SaaS platform for real-time customer feedback that can be easily connected at touchpoints across customers' systems.

Our customers include online and retail, insurances, automotive, software platforms and everything in between.

We manage millions of reviews for forward-thinking businesses around the world. Are you ready to join them?

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Optimised to your requirements

eTrusted offers you an easy-to-use toolbox for experience feedback

Insights along all touchpoints of the customer journey

Feedback for process optimisation

Improved reputation on relevant digital platforms

Personalisable. Scalable. Simple.

Built for easy connection to your existing systems

100% GDPR compliance

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Developed by Trusted Shops - inspiring trust for 20 years

In our increasingly digital world, people are more closely connected than ever before. While digital networks make many things easier, anonymity also carries risks. Trust is - in both the digital and analogue world - the prerequisite for positive coexistence and successful interactions.

We create the framework for people to make better decisions based on real information and businesses to present themselves authentically. This is how you gain trust.

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Over 20,000 businesses worldwide rely on eTrusted solutions

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Explore the full potential of digital trust

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