Ready for your customer journey

eTrusted was developed from the ground up to handle authentic feedback along your customer journey.

Collect feedback

eTrusted adapts to your customer journey and collects feedback at the relevant points.

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Manage your reputation

eTrusted enables you to centrally monitor and manage your business' reputation on the Internet.

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Market feedback

Use customer feedback for analyses and trust-based marketing activities.

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Feedback at the key points of your customer journey.

Breach the data silos of your business.

Invite your customers to give feedback where it is most important to you. Connect eTrusted with your systems and receive feedback holistically across your customer journey.

Forget the annual snapshot of customer satisfaction with a one-time survey. eTrusted provides you with authentic feedback consistently and in real-time.

Developed for business users. And developers.

Complex functionalities don't have to be complicated. eTrusted has been designed from the ground up to make everything accessible and easy to use. Whether through our management tool or the API.

For business users

You can read and answer e-mails? Wonderful, that concludes the training. We are not fans of complicated user manuals either.

For developers

Standard REST APIs simplify the start with eTrusted. Our Developer Center offers the necessary remaining support. Your developers will love it.

You can find more information in the eTrusted Developer Center .

    "type": "checkout",
    "defaultLocale": "de_DE",
    "customer": {
      "firstName": "John",
      "lastName": "Doe",
      "email": "",
      "address": "Am Dom 4, 50674, K├Âln",
      "mobile": 004901711234567,
      "reference": "cst-xxxxx"
    "channel": {
      "id": "chl-xxxxxxxx-yyyy",
      "type": "etrusted"
    "transaction": {
      "reference": "after-sales-12345",
      "date": "2020-10-02T12:38:53Z"
    "system": "your_internal_system",
    "systemVersion": "1.0",
    "metadata": {
      "metaKey1": "metaValue1",
      "metaKey2": "metaValue2"

Ready where you are.

The collected feedback is available to you in our management tool in real-time as well as via our developer API for further use in e.g. your CRM, ERP or customer support tool.

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Get the 5 stars you deserve - everywhere!

The control centre for your digital reputation management

The less customers you actively ask for feedback from, the worse your average rating will be. Therefore it is important to collect a lot of authentic feedback on all portals.

To ensure that you can shine with 5 stars on all channels in the future, we have developed the eTrusted Reputation Manager.

From now on you are in the driver's seat when it comes to online reputation. On all channels.

Advertise with authentic customer feedback.

The opinion of your customers decides.

In the past, trust was directed upwards towards experts and institutions - now it is directed sideways towards strangers, friends and neighbours. Rachel Botsman, leading expert and author on trust in the modern world

Today, the 5 stars next to your product or service more often decide on a successful transaction than any product promise of your marketing team.

Use the feedback collected with eTrusted on your website, in your shop, or in any other channel.

Present the positive opinion of your customers to the outside world at any time - with one of our plug-ins and widgets, or individually adapted to your system landscape.

Review widgets

Use one of our various, optimised website widgets to shine with your stars at specific points in your customer journey.

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Review profile

The SEO profile gives your customers a good overview of your good reputation. At the top of Google & Co.

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Reviews API

For special cases, the Reviews API provides you with your review data in raw format. There are almost no limits for your marketing team.

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